About us

AIKAdesign® is a Finnish trademark designed and manufactured in Finland. We are proud of our Finnish expertise.

Our products are designed to simplify everyday life with beauty and functionality. We want to offer our customers durable products, in looks and in terms of technical sustainability and choice of materials.

Timeproof design and functionality

AIKAdesign® products are insightful everyday objects with beautiful design that supports the functionality of each product. Durability and recyclability are important features of our products that are handmade of aluminum, stainless steel and Finnish wood. High-quality materials guarantee long-lasting user experience and sustainable thinking.

Design team

Designing of AIKAdesign® products is based on the need to develop products with high quality, beauty, practicality and sustainability. Shape and functionality go hand in hand - a good example is the log carrier HALI with usability, durability and beauty supporting each other.

Our designing team has wide range of knowledge about industrial design, engineering and materials. Head designers are Industrial designer Henri Sydänheimo and Yrjö Ojanen from Lehtovuori.

AIKAdesign® is a registered trademark of Lehtovuori Oy.

Lehtovuori Oy
Hopeatie 4
33470 Ylöjärvi

Henri Sydänheimo
Industrial designer